Medical - First Aid

SJA75518 SJA75518 Zoll AED Plus Auto Defibrillator H40038 Medical - First Aid St John Ambulance

    Zoll AED Plus Auto Defibrillator H40038

    St John Ambulance
    Product Code: SJA75518
    Product Unit: Each
    Non-Returnable Product

    • Fully automatic defibrillator delivers a shock without the input of the user
    • Comes with detailed instructions on performing CPR
    • Includes a metronome to assist with frequency of compressions
    • Uses inexpensive 123 flash photo lithium batteries (supplied with 10)
    • Comes with soft carry case, CPR-D-padz electrodes, first responder instructional training guide, DVD and operator guide



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Product Details

Code SJA75518
Unit Individual Items
Brand St John Ambulance
Height 340 mm
Country of Origin United States
Supplier VOW
Width 300 mm
Weight 4.5 kg
Depth 300 mm